BOSS Snow Plows

Service Oil Company is a certified sub-distributor of BOSS snow plow. We have a full line of snow plows and spreaders with most models in-stock and available. In addition, we have all parts and accessories when you need them.

Each of our automotive technicians has been factory-trained and certified in the installation and service of BOSS products. When you purchase a plow, you will receive a 24/7 quality service and repair guarantee. For more immediate maintenance tips, check out the videos below.

QuickCube Product Overview:

Correct Plow Storage Tips:

Boss Plow Maintenance:

Boss Straight Blade Attachment Procedure:

Boss Straight Blade Detach Procedure:

Boss V-blade Attachment Procedure:

Boss V-blade Detachment Procedure:

Boss Straight Blade Plowing Tips:

Boss V-DXT Demo Video: