Full Service Gas Pumps

Our gas attendants offer fast, friendly service at our full service gas pumps every day. They’re especially helpful in winter because, well, it’s nice to stay in your car when it’s cold out.

Our fuel service technicians fill your tank and wash your windows. At your request, they also check oil and washer fluid levels as well as tire pressure. In addition, there are propane tank refills, a vacuum cleaner, and a payphone on-site.

We proudly offer BPme at Service Oil Company. It’s a free rewards card that earns you five cents off per gallon each time you fill up. Check out the BPme Rewards Visa Signature® Card. Wherever your next trip is headed, the BPme Rewards Visa card could help you earn and save with daily rewards like cash back, gift cards to your favorite places, and 30¢ off per gallon for 60 days after account opening. Ask one of your fuel service technicians to find out more.